Rendering of the new Willamette River Bridge

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As blog winds down, what final topics should we cover?

From ODOT-

The Willamette River Bridge project blog began in 2010, nearly one year after construction started. To date, it’s ODOT’s only blog. It was launched as a pilot program, to keep the communities of Eugene and Springfield updated on the project and impacts, while providing a forum for issues and topics of interest.

By the end of this year, most bridge construction will be complete. Work will continue on the path viaduct, design enhancements and environmental restoration, but at a slower pace than before. Consequently, we plan to wrap up this blog by Dec. 31.

Between now and then, we want to hear from you. Are there any topics yet to be covered that you’d like to read about? Would you like more detail or an update on something we’ve previously covered? Please let us know in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading the Willamette River project blog! We genuinely appreciate your input.


  1. Given that the new Willamette River and McKenzie River bridges on I-5 are designed for 6 lanes, when will the I-5 sections connecting the bridges be built and combined with the current 6-lane facility already in place between I-105/126 and 569 Beltline?

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  3. There are projects identified to widen I-5 to 6 lanes south of the Beltline, all the way down to Highway 58. However, these are listed as potential projects that aren’t expected to occur within our 20 year planning horizon. They have been identified on the Regional Transportation Plan’s Illustrative list, meaning, there could be a need for widening, but we wouldn’t anticipate them being funded before 2035.

  4. Hmm, why let THE main artery that is I-5 harden and get even more congested than it is by delaying the 6-lane treatment for 20+ years? There is already a piece of 6 lane I-5 in service from Beltline to I-105/126 and the amount of work to fill in the relatively small gaps looks to be easy enough going north of the new bridge and not overly onerous south of the new bridge so why not get it done sooner instead of a very distant later? After all, this is the 2nd largest population area on I-5 in Oregon and it will only continue to grow along with the I-5 traffic that travels through and to the Eugene-Springfield area. Doing the job halfway is not doing the job right! You got the most expensive pieces in place with the Willamette and McKenzie River bridges being done, so now that the cake is baked it is time to add the frosting. No more piecemeal approaches to projects please! Start seeing our highways as systems, not isolated segments.

  5. A timeline of when the bike trails are to be restored would be nice. Actually, a glimpse at what the plan to restore the North Bank, both work that remains and a schedule of when that will occur, would be nice.

    After all this time, we're ready to get back to "normal" in the park area!

  6. Anonymous (Nov. 10), those are great comments, and they go beyond the scope of the bridge replacement projects. We’d encourage you to contact the Lane Area Commission on Transportation ( Contact information for ODOT Area 5 Manager Frannie Brindle is included on the website. Thank you!