Rendering of the new Willamette River Bridge

Friday, October 25, 2013

Views from the viaduct

From ODOT-

As crews continue to work on the path viaduct, we’ve been able to capture some great photos that show how close to the river runners, walkers and bicyclists will be once this new path opens next spring.

In this photo, crews are pouring concrete between the path beams to seal them together; this segment of the path passes by the base of the highway bridge arches.

Here, they perform the same task along the eastern south bank of the river.
Where the path runs along the south bank on the east side of the Whilamut Passage Bridge, the viaduct deck is being prepared for the hand railing and lighting.


  1. There is a place in my neighborhood that is doing a residential bridge construction and I am hoping that they complete it soon. It is slowing down traffic and making it harder to get around. If they can do it quickly and efficiently that would be great.

  2. Hi Jak,

    I don't know what neighborhood you are in, however, you can find out additional information at one of the following locations:

    City of Eugene PW projects:
    City of Eugene Projects page:
    City of Springfield Construction Projects page: