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Friday, March 9, 2012

Placing beams for northbound Canoe Canal Bridge

From ODOT-
Recently, our contractor placed ten beams to support the deck of the new northbound Interstate 5 Canoe Canal Bridge. Careful timing and teamwork made it a safe and smooth process.

Local subcontractor Knife River manufactured the beams in Harrisburg. Each 180-foot beam weighs approximately 182,000 pounds. Given the size of the beams, only one at a time could be moved to the site.

Once loaded, each beam traveled south on I-5 to the Glenwood exit, crossed over the freeway and then headed back north. The truck exited the freeway on the east side and backed into position to unload the beam.

Workers prepare to unload a giant beam.
Two large cranes on either side of Canoe Canal lifted the beam, as workers on the roadway provided directions. Once all the beams are in place and secured, crews will build forms and pour the deck surface.

The new northbound Canoe Canal Bridge is scheduled for completion in July 2012.

Large cranes carefully move the beam into place.

With the beam in place, workers disconnect the cables used for lifting the beam.

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